Improving VA Success

Improving VA Success

“The VAs will get the job done. They’re super qualified, they can totally nail the job. My best advice is to find a mentor or consultant who can walk you through this process and provide guidance and support.”

What were the first steps you took when you integrated a virtual assistant into your client’s business?

When I started, way back in 2013, I integrated a VA for the first time into a client’s business. Whilst it was a little daunting at the time because VAs were very much unknown, I suppose a little like artificial intelligence is now where we are just at the beginning stages of integrating people that worked offshore into clients’ businesses.

We had a lot of back and forth with the staff to make sure they got that this was just for support, not a replacement. And you know, as time has passed, we’re now talking about 10 years later and that’s been the case with many of the VAs. They’re totally there to support you, not replace you. They’ve made life easier for business owners and staff. It’s given them the chance to get out there, grow their businesses, and make sure they can execute their plan. So that was the first thing we did way back when.

How did you go about assessing the clients’ needs to ensure the VA would be a good fit?

When we talked to the client, we wanted to find out what they hoped to achieve by doing this. We needed to see if it made sense for their business. Some businesses already have the technology to do the job, they just need to make better use of their software systems. The highlight for me was sitting down with a client and working through the project bit by bit. We’re essentially showing them the way from where they currently are to where they initially wanted to be, which is like stage 1 because they didn’t fully realise how much a VA could help their business. And then they can set little goals and milestones with their team to get them excited and involved.

What kind of preparation and training did you provide to the virtual assistant to get them ready for your client?

Mapping out that journey with the client, as we just chatted about, was key to understanding how each business operates. The operations are the same, but the technology and software systems to get the end product are totally different in every business. So, to figure out where we’re starting and ending, how the business is doing, we could then focus on making videos, working with the client, and integrating the VA so they all worked well together. So, I suppose we’d have to deal with any cultural differences or communication styles between the virtual assistant and the client’s team. We had a few cultural differences to work through. I’m gonna say, most of that was just in the client’s team members’ heads. The VAs will get the job done. They’re super qualified, they can totally nail the job. Their expertise is exceptional. They are highly educated people, global talent that we could hire for a specific need of our clients’ businesses. So, there were a few cultural challenges, but we sorted them out quickly by educating our clients.

Do you have a standout moment where the virtual assistant exceeded the client’s expectations.

Back in the day, when I first started; And I got my first VA and had to train them, and I had to work with them. I saw how their work could empower me to improve my performance and provide better service to my clients. It helped me win awards. I gotta give credit to the VAs for making me look good and winning an award in 2014. Had a cool realisation with a client. Uh-uh, I knew it worked because for me, going and putting VAs into businesses wasn’t a problem. Selling, selling a product, it was about helping these business owners unlock the potential that they already had to overcome those minor hurdles that you have naturally at fresh growth, growth pains. I mean, at some point you gotta invest money to move forward, and a VA is a cost-effective way to help businesses clear that hurdle and achieve what they need. It also connected them with loads of other employees, which is not something you usually find in the Aussie job market. You don’t have a gigantic pool of applicants. You can’t put someone in a position who will give their all for your business like they’re in it for you. They want to see you succeed. They want to make sure that you’re doing well because they understand that the better, they do for you, the more secure their jobs are. Back in 2012, I had this lightbulb moment when I realised that this solution could actually make life a lot easier for me and help me serve my clients better. And then it went boom. I was so pumped to go out there and sing it to the world, show other business owners that they can do it too. And that’s how it all began.

What advice would you give to other businesses looking to prepare a virtual assistant for integration?

I’ve worked with like 700, maybe even 750 businesses in the past 10 years. I help them with systems, processes, planning, and mentoring to bring in virtual assistants or software that suits their business. The number one piece of advice would be to find a consultant who knows what they’re doing and can help you get the results you want. You don’t have to do it alone, like we did. Back in 2012, I was like, what can I even do with this? As I kept going through this journey, I came across more and more opportunities. The level I thought a VA could reach was just the beginning. We hadn’t even started yet.

Back in 2012, we were just at the starting blocks. The VAs can do way more for your business now. And if no one knows what the landscape looks like now, it’s like going in blind. My best advice is to find a mentor or consultant who can walk you through this process and provide guidance and support. The reason I’m in business is that I love helping business owners make their businesses hum.

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